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10 reasons your business needs a website

As technology progresses further beyond what any of us could have imagined, one constant that remains is that people and organisations will always have to change with the times and modernise. If not, we run the risk of getting left behind and gradually become obsolete and unnoticed.  This is what has happened with the web… Continue reading 10 reasons your business needs a website


Manchester Fountain of Life Based in south Manchester is a small charismatic, non-denominational church/charity with hopes of helping it’s community and spreading the good word. They came to me with requirements for a website and online presence that would allow them to reach their members and serve as an information point for other interested parties.… Continue reading MFOLCC


A key and consistent trend across companies nowadays is the large number of separate software systems they own and use. In fact, a study conducted by Okta Inc. concluded that on average companies use 129 apps within their organisations. Read the article here. With a need for so many software applications just to get the job done, there comes… Continue reading Integrations


As a Magento 1 & 2 developer, building highly performing sales platforms is something I take great pride and joy in. Magento is a leading enterprise-level e-commerce platform which is used by hundreds of thousands of companies around the world. Around 1 in 9 web stores are running on Magento according to this article. Magento 2 if… Continue reading E-commerce

Solution Architecture

There is a planning element within in the design, development and delivery of web solutions which usually falls outside the remit (and often capability) of developers. This is the job of a solutions architect or lead software engineer. “Solution architecture is a practice of defining and describing an architecture of a system delivered in context… Continue reading Solution Architecture

Bespoke Application Development