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Desirée Codes

Desirée Codes The landing page of aspiring Python developer and YouTuber, Desirée. Desirée started coding when she was only 8 by trying out scratch (amongst other tools) to try an understand how games were made. Now she has embarked on a journey to build something awesome.  In here own words “Every thousand mile journey begins… Continue reading Desirée Codes

Blessed Baptist Temple

Blessed Baptist Temple (Manchester) An inspirational baptist church, dedicated to it’s mission in south Manchester, UK. Led by a Mr Joshua Obinim since 2019, the church is a member of the Great Britain Baptist Union and see themselves as part of God’s family so we are better known as ‘Blessed Family’. In December 2023, I… Continue reading Blessed Baptist Temple

Coders Corner: Should You Be Using a PHP Framework in 2023

Is this even a debate anymore??? I remember in 2012 whilst working for a online media company this question was asked. They’d been operating a PHP based website for a couple of years which was built from the ground up using OO concepts and a proprietary framework designed and built by the then tech lead.… Continue reading Coders Corner: Should You Be Using a PHP Framework in 2023

Symfony: Twig Tags – Under-the-hood Part 2

In the last part of this tutorial we dove into the basics of Twig tags. We learned the basics of Twig templates and how template inheritance using the ‘extends’ and ‘include’ tags work, as well as the types of classes which control and expose the various functionalities of each tag – the TokenParser. This time… Continue reading Symfony: Twig Tags – Under-the-hood Part 2

Symfony: Twig Tags – Under-the-hood Part 1

If you’re here on purpose (1) and reading this blog post (2), then you’ve probably heard of Twig – the superfast, flexible and secure templating engine for PHP!?  Twig can be used in any PHP project but we’ll be looking at it specifically from a Symfony point of view. You see, Twig is to Symfony… Continue reading Symfony: Twig Tags – Under-the-hood Part 1

UUI: Unified User Interface

I took some well needed time off work recently. During this time I focused on exercise, healthy eating and sleep. Of course me being me however, on day four, I had to magic up a whole new pet project to work on.   I had just bought a new fourth gen Echo Dot and had… Continue reading UUI: Unified User Interface

How to grow as a developer

If you’re a developer you’ve probably heard of the 10’000 hours rule, right? Well, in the early days of modern web development (web 2.0) it was argued that as a general guideline, developers should  attain around 10k hours worth of experience in order to become senior or expert level developers. This seems to have been… Continue reading How to grow as a developer

Website builder, CMS or Custom Built?

I get asked this question a lot by prospective customers, friends and even family members. I always give the same answer. “…well, it depends” I say. They ask “on what”? I reply “On what you’re after”! I end up explaining that it bores down to the different needs of different people and that while a… Continue reading Website builder, CMS or Custom Built?

Contract PHP Developer Jobs: State of the Market

Laravel is now the worlds most popular PHP framework and the number of jobs on the market reflect this. CodeIgniter, once the underdog has grown in popularity to second place. Symfony is still growing in popularity and whilst probably the most flexible and most well documented, falls into third place.    It’s May 2022 and… Continue reading Contract PHP Developer Jobs: State of the Market


RIDE UK (LYTHAM) Based in Lytham, Blackpool this unique fitness studio boasts of a fully kitted fitness suite, spin studio and health bar to name just a few of their facilities.   Launched by two visionaries Sarah Burgess and Sophie Lowe in 2018 RIDE and SCULPT have become a ground breaking session in the local… Continue reading RIDE UK